Where Do I Start?

In the world of website design, it if often difficult for someone to know where exactly to start. That is why we have developed a process to take you through the stages to ensure a quick smooth experience.
Generally, for a new start-up organization, we usually recommend staring with a basic template.


These templates help to organize your information in a form that can easily lead a client through your site. While these designs are starting points, please be aware that each design can be enhanced as your business expands. This helps to eliminate high start-up costs and provides you with the flexibility to grow and bring your website along with you.


The most inexpensive and basic types of templates include the following:

 Right Navigational Template

Left Navigational Template

Top Navigational Template

 As mentioned, these are just the basic type of templates and things can get much more robust, complex and expensive from here.

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Articles you need, just when you need them

Welcome to the Article section of Kopling.co. This section is intended to guide you in using technology marketing in your field, so you can connect with your customers quicker and easier. Stay tuned, there is so much to learn and share!



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